1470 1st Ave

Upper East Side, New York, 10075

1470 1st Ave Insights

  • Gender
  • Age Groups
  • Median Income
  • Foot Traffic (Day of Week)
  • Foot Traffic (Hour)
  • Financial (Day of Week)


• Currently NorthEast Community Bank
• No Cooking, Food Uses Considered
• Tremendous Visibility
• Proximity to 77th 4, 6 Street Subway Station with over 11,014,861 Passengers Annually


NY Sports Club, Duane Reade, Agata & Valentina, Starbucks, Citi Habitats, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Vitamin Shoppe, Xi’an Famous Foods, A Matter of Health, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, The Meatball Shop, Hertz Rent A Car, Starbucks, Mile 17, Oslo Coffee Company, Bareburger

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